<![CDATA[CARD TECH - Blog]]>Mon, 13 May 2024 09:52:37 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[Choose the Right Badge Accessory]]>Tue, 09 Nov 2021 16:02:07 GMThttp://cardtechid.com/blog/choose-the-right-badge-accessoryWearing an ID badge is nothing new in the workplace. Over the past decade, the use of ID badges has significantly increased, and for good reason. Not only do ID badges ensure security and safety of your workplace, it serves as a small investment towards a risk free, secure office environment while protecting employees and assets. Employee ID badges serve as a unique identification tool as a result you can immediately spot an employee from a non-employee.

However, many employees can’t stand having to wear their employee badges if the badge attachments are not appropriate for their job requirements. For example, an employee working in a warehouse environment in which frequent lifting is required may feel a badge hanging from a swinging lanyard ,which consistently catches on products, shelving or equipment may feel the lanyard is a nuisance or a safety risk more than a safety feature. Making sure the badge accessories you choose support your safety program by choosing the appropriate attachments. Badge reels that have a retractable cord or vinyl strap clips are a more appropriate badge accessory for this type of work environment, by keeping the badge visible without getting in the way of employees as they try to move through their workplace to do their job.

A Card Tech rep can help you choose the right badge accessories to ensure a successful and practical safety program. Your safety program will only work if your employees wear the ID badges.
<![CDATA[Using Photo ID Cards to Enhance Your Ski Pass Program]]>Mon, 20 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMThttp://cardtechid.com/blog/using-photo-id-cards-to-enhance-your-ski-pass-programIt’s that time of the year; the chill is in the air. Winter is near. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get started on revamping your ski-passes for the 2021-2022 ski season.
Issuing colorful, high-quality ski passes is a great way to reward your loyal skiers and riders while speeding up lift lines. They deserve it, that’s why most resorts now offer high-quality photo ID cards to those that hit the slopes regularly. Another benefit to well-designed photo ID ski-passes is they prevent cardholders from sharing their passes with others.
Professional looking photo ID cards for season passes also help enhance customer loyalty further. By using the ski passes to extend ski resort branding, make your IDs distinctive and memorable. If the cards are seen around town, new riders will be drawn to your resort. Pair your ski passes with our Black Ski/Sport Pass Badge Reel and have ski passes displayed in style!
Card Tech ID can provide photo ID solutions and enable ski resorts to:
  • Issue professional-looking ID cards to season pass holders and frequent riders
  • Print high-quality photo IDs on-site in just seconds for season pass holders, frequent riders, resort staffers and more
  • Issue durable PVC/PET material ID badges to ski patrol members and medical personnel
  • Create different card designs to distinguish ski staff departments
  • Use encoding to integrate employee IDs with access control and time & attendance
  • Produce unique card layouts for each season pass category
  • Ski pass integration with card scanning systems for faster moving lift lines
  • Prevent counterfeiting with multiple card security features
Contact a Card Tech ID representative to get started on your photo ID solution today (866) 348-1105 or sales@cardtechid.com.]]>
<![CDATA[Prepare For Shortage Impact]]>Thu, 16 Sep 2021 14:19:26 GMThttp://cardtechid.com/blog/prepare-for-shortage-impactCargo delays, supply shortages, and production disruption have officially hit the identification market.
What does this mean for you?
Many manufacturers are reporting delays and shortages in ID card printers, replacement parts, ribbons, cleaning kits and PVC cards and delays in proximity and smart card production. Some desktop printer models are delayed for as much as four months from the time of this post. If you are preparing for an upgrade to your desktop printer solution, please reach out as soon as possible to lock in your request at the front of our order queue. It is strongly encouraged to get your orders in now. Demand is steadily increasing in this industry in conjunction with supply shortages and production disruption.
At this time, most of our badge accessories are available and well stocked throughout our distribution channels. However, it is still recommended to order before your stock runs low and/or consider substitutions for your requested items.
Card Tech does have a large selection of items already on order, stocked and available through our distribution channels in planning for such shortages. With shortages and increased demand, it is expected associated cost will increase. 
Plan ahead, request a quote on items which will lock in your price for 30 days or place your order now, ahead of price increases.
Our goal is to lessen the ongoing effects of these shortages for our valued customers. Our customers mean EVERYTHING to us! 

​To request your quote or place an order -- Email today! 
<![CDATA[Promote School Spirit and Safety with ID Accessories]]>Mon, 02 Aug 2021 10:00:00 GMThttp://cardtechid.com/blog/promote-school-spirit-and-safety-with-id-accessories
Help create a safe school environment for all students, staff and visitors. All products can be customized to reinforce branding and school initiatives.
Start with Badge Holder
​Extend the life of student and staff credentials with flexible, durable badge holders that you can also easily clean & sanitize.

Add a Lanyard
  • Lanyards are a convenient way to carry IDs
  • A safety breakaway feature is available on some lanyards, designed specifically for students and staff safety 
  • Lanyards are fun! Customize them with your school colors, logo, school name or phrase that reflects your school initiative
Add a Badge Buddy
  • Quickly communicate the role of staff, student and volunteers
  • Badge buddies clip behind your ID quick and easy
  • STAFF, STUDENT and VOLUNTEER badge buddies are a customized option and can be printed to your color specifications
Check out our badge accessories online. View our interactive catalog for more products! Want a custom badge holders, lanyards or badge buddies? Contact us today!
<![CDATA[The Importance of ID Cards for Fire Departments]]>Thu, 22 Jul 2021 14:15:05 GMThttp://cardtechid.com/blog/the-importance-of-id-cards-for-fire-departmentsID cards for fire departments can be extremely important for identifying firefighters and emergency responders, and for controlling access to fire stations efficiently with smart cards or proximity cards. In emergency situations, identification cards and accountability tags can help those at the scene quickly recognize firefighters and other emergency personnel.
Fire department ID cards can contain several elements, including security features and personal information. A majority of fire ID badges will contain the cardholder’s photo, name, signature, and department. Graphics such as a state seal and a department patch logo are also commonly used. In some cases, to prevent counterfeiting, holographic overlay, watermarking or ghost imaging may be used.
When you pair the Entrust Sigma DS1 with TruCredential/Instant ID Software and you can create picture-perfect, high quality accountability tags (PATs) and photo ID cards – from simple to complex. It’s fast and easy to design, encode, print and connect to your database.
Card Tech ID enables fire departments to produce long-lasting ID cards, badges and accountability tags for a variety of applications. We can tailor a system to meet the specific requirements of your department. For more information, please contact a representative at (866) 348-1105.]]>
<![CDATA[How Keeping Your Printer Box Can Save You Hundred$]]>Thu, 24 Jun 2021 16:06:39 GMThttp://cardtechid.com/blog/how-keeping-your-printer-box-can-save-you-hundredHere is a simple tip that can save you hundreds $$$: It is important to save the original box and interior packaging your printer came in. If during the warranty period your printer has mechanical issues, you will need to ship your card printer to your card printer manufacturer for necessary repairs.

The only way to ensure your printer is not further damaged in transit is to have it properly packaged. If the printer sustains damage in a non-factory box, the manufacturer’s warranty could be voided.

If you card printer is no longer under manufacturer warranty, further damage could still be sustained during transit, which results in more costly repairs. Repairs can quickly reduce your return on investment.

Keeping your card printer box can save you time, money and prevent hiccups in transit that can cause extended time without your card printer.]]>
<![CDATA[TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Book Sign-In System]]>Thu, 24 Jun 2021 15:58:56 GMThttp://cardtechid.com/blog/tempbadge-visitor-badge-log-book-sign-in-systemThe TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Book is an easy-to-use sign-in system that keeps records of visitors with the added security of a self-expiring name badge. Visitor information is permanently recorded and protected from public view. Order yours today!

This TEMPbadgeID Visitor Badge Log Book can also be custom printed with your logo. Request a custom printed visitor badge log book today! 
Click to Purchase
<![CDATA[Composite Vs. PVC Cards – Should You Make the Switch?]]>Mon, 07 Jun 2021 17:05:55 GMThttp://cardtechid.com/blog/composite-vs-pvc-cards-should-you-make-the-switchLet's start with what makes a composite card different than a standard PVC card. Composite cards contain combinations of Polyester and PVC for higher durability and heat resistance. The cards contain a PVC core, layered between PVC/PET composite laminate and have a polish/polish finish (front/back).
Use composite cards when:
  • Using PVC card printers that apply an overlaminate (required for heat resistance)
  • Slotting your PVC cards (recommended for durability)
  • Using your cards in harsh conditions or temperature extremes (recommended for durability)
  • Use with retransfer card printers to prevent card warping (required for heat resistance)
  • Extended card longevity desired
Different combinations will determine the extended durability of the composite cards life.
80/20 80% PVC/20% PET blend = extended life to 5 years
70/30 70% PVC/30% PET blend = extended life to 8 years
60/40 60% PVC/40% PET blend = extended life to 10 years
Cost per blend will increase based on the percentage of PET.
Card Tech ID offers all these blends with and without HiCo and LoCo magnetic strip options in a White CR80 size (credit card size) 30 mil thickness (credit card thickness) only. Email sales@cardtechid.com for a free price quote or more information.